How much does PPF cost?

It costs much less than repairing your paint down the line or even the depreciated value due to exterior damage. PPF or paint protection film is a thick layer of  is normally about 4 mils thick or .1 mm. The high gloss finish on your vehicle’s surface stays in place for years when you protect it with a film of exceptionally clear, XPEL paint protection film. This protects your car from scratches, splatter from bugs and bird droppings, discolouration, rust and chipped paint and save money on costly repairs. The film lets you wipe away marks easily and instantly so you never have to worry about dirt and debris from the wind, snow or other sources ruining the surface.

Is PPF removable?

Yes, it is 100% removable as PPF or Paint Protection Film is not permanent. Since it's removable this makes reapplying certain areas less costly and quicker since repainting and matching does not have to be performed. Although wrap can be removed by yourself, we do recommend removal by our PPF Wrap Specialists in Calgary. If you do opt to remove it yourself be sure to use a lot of heat and wear rubber gloves. Get a friend and choose a warm sunny day to take this on.

How long does Paint Protection Film last?

Depending on the brand and type of film, the PPF used in our Calgary studio can last up to 10 years depending on maintenance and care.

Can PPF be Ceramic Coated?

Yes, PPF can be coated in a ceramic products. We offer Ceramic Coating on our PPF and Vinyl Wraps at our Calgary Studio. Ceramic coatings improve the ease of maintenance, increase protection, and also improve visual depth.

See Ceramic Coating for more information and examples.