Promo PPF Packages

Partial Front PPF

Semi Front PPF

Full Front PPF

Front Bumper
Partial 18 inch
Partial 24 inch
Full Fenders
Partial 18 inch
Partial 24 inch
Full Hood
Fog Lights
Roofline (8-10 inch)
Partial Rear Rocker (if applicable)
Rear Bumper Wear Tear
Luggage Area

* We use XPEL Ultimate Plus for all our PPF packages and wrap and tuck the film wherever possible on all packages. XPEL Ultimate Plus is the leading paint protection film in the industry and trusted by automotive experts around the world. It comes with a 10 year warranty and has self-healing properties.

Full Body Clear PPF for $4,399

limited time offer

* All painted surfaces protected using Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF. Self heal healing film 8mil thick film in calgary.

Vinyl Wraps

* We use 3M, Avery and KPMF for our vinyl wrap projects. We offer a 2 year warranty on our vinyl wrap installation. The prices listed below apply for most colours but may change based on the type of film. For example, colourflip, colourflow, films, textured, specialty, chrome etc will have extra charges.

Rivian R1T


Exterior wrap for most colours

Rivian R1S


Exterior wrap for most colours

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Same Day. Full Front Wrap for $1,599!

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