Range Rover Sport - Vinyl Wrap + Matte Paint Protection Wrap

This vehicle originally came in the factory Eiger Grey colour from Land Rover but was missing the wow factor. As of posting this vehicle this is the only 2023 RANGE ROVER Sport IN THE WORLD wrapped in this colour. This is KPMF's Dark Sage Green vinyl wrap. We covered the vinyl with XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film PPF to protect the vinyl wrap. We then added a coat of Matte Ceramic Coating to add a hydrophobic layer to the wrap for easier cleaning. This vehicle came out looking amazing. Again this vehicle was wrapped with our "little-to-no disassembly" promise. This is why customers, partners and dealerships across Alberta trust us with Vinyl Wraps because we are able to accomplish excellent finished without compromising the integrity of the vehicle or messing with any factory warranty. All work is performed by experienced installers at our Calgary Paint Protection Studio in partnership with Alberta Tesla and the Tesla Owners of Alberta communities.

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